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11358740_1059551804074267_2105804795_nMay 2015 — current

My name is Linda Mehiar and I am honoured to be the President of IAPSS Forlì. I’m a 23 year old student at Bologna University – Forlì Campus. I graduated in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs last September and I am now attending an MA in the very same field.

Due to my dual nationality (Italian/Jordanian), I’ve always been interested in International Relations and cooperation between different cultures. I admire melting pot societies and I strongly believe in the power of dialogue.
The fields I’m focusing my studies on are International Law and Public Law; I am sure that through a good institutional framework we could provide more stability to the international system and that through the implementation of it we could rely on a more peaceful international society.

I love studying abroad because it gives me the possibility to achieve a different point of view. I’ve spent one month studying at Mount Lawley Senior High School in Perth, Australia; and one month studying at Ecole Al-Bayrouni in Tangeri, Morocco. Last academic year, I’ve studied in Istanbul, at Doğuş University, thanks to the Erasmus Program.


12656526_10201413081967175_91510089_o (1)January 2016 — current

I’m Alessandro Zerbini, currently serving as Secretary General of IAPSS Forlì. I’m 20 and attending my freshman year in International and Diplomatic Affairs in Forlì. I think I’ve found in IAPSS the best way to improve my skills and knowledge of this field of studies beside going to university, thanks to all the possibilities offered by the association; also, in my opinion, IAPSS makes a good platform for sharing ideas and a wonderful think tank. I’m fluent in English thanks to a semester spent in the US, and I speak a good Spanish and French too. I consider myself a European federalist, and I believe that under the right circumstances, which we should work to create, Europe should form one single Country. In the meantime, I focus on geopolitical analysis and learning more languages.


12666243_10207249527309296_1026534342_nJanuary 2016 — current

My name is Federica Starinieri and I’m very proud to be the Assembly’s Director of IAPSS Forlì.
I’m 20 years old and I’m attending the second year of the BA in International and Diplomatic Affairs at the University of Bologna – Forlì Campus.
I’m interested in international relations and that’s the reason why I chose this course. I would like to focus my studies on peacekeeping and the processes of state building after wars or through wars.
I joined IAPSS Forlì one year ago and I think that this is the best way to improve my knowledge about international issues and all the field connected, also about foreign languages. Indeed since November 2015 I’m the responsible for the Aperitandem project promoted by IAPSS Forlì and Uniser that aims to promote intercultural dialogue between Italian students, Erasmus students and interns from all over the world.


11714264_671445039656133_860746805_nJune 2015 — current

My name is Jacopo Scita and I hold the position of Editor of IAPSS Forlì’s “Rubrica”. I’m 20 years old and I’m currently attending the second year of the BA in International Diplomatic Affairs at the University of Bologna – Forlì Campus.

I’m focusing my studies on state-building processes, issues concerning democracy, participation and parties, geopolitics and sociology. I have a strong interest in the MENA area and political Islam, the Arab springs, the Republic of Iran, fundamentalism and radicalism: these are the principal themes I’m working on.

The position of Editor of IAPSS represents a positive occasion to work with people with different backgrounds but a strong common interest in political science and international affairs. IAPSS gives me the possibility to write, read and work on papers in very different fields and this is a really amazing opportunity to improve my academic skills and my sensibility.


DSC_0087October 2015 — current
My name is Matteo Garnero and I am the webmaster of IAPSS Forlì. I am a 23 years old student of International Politics and Markets at the Forlì Campus. I have graduated in International Studies in Bologna in 2013.

My core competencies are in International Political Economy and in the economics of energy routes, climate change and trade relations. I am also deeply interested in the recent development which are occurring in the MENA region, the rise of militant salafism in particular.

IAPSS Forlì represent an opportunity to better develop my skills in team working, while sharing ideas with other passionate, professional colleagues.


IAPSS Forlì in the past:

11182177_469291653227723_9023571863426120964_nMarch 2015 — January 2016

My name is Eleonora Tagliavini and I am the Assembly’s Director of IAPSS Forlì.

I’m attending the last year of the Master in International and Diplomatic Affairs at University of Bologna–Forlì Campus. I graduated in 2012 in Political Sciences and International Relations at the University of Parma. My dissertation was in Political Economy about how Italy managed to enter the European Monetary Union. I have good skills in English, French and Spanish.  I’m interested in political economy and particularly in issues that involve international trade, development and environmental challenges. I joined IAPSS Forlì because I think it is the best way to share and promote knowledge about international issues beyond academic activities. In addition, I think that being an active member of IAPSS Forlì will enhance my education and skills.


criMarch 2015 — December 2015

My name is Cristiana Marchitelli, I am 23 and I hold the position of Secretary General of IAPSS Forlì. I graduated in International Diplomatic Affaires at the University of Bologna-Forlì Campus, and I am currently attending the first year of the Master of Art in International Politics and Markets at the very same Campus. I am a passionate student interested in global challenges, ranging from energy and environmental threats to urban problems and smart cities. I speak fluent English and French while I am a beginner in Spanish. I have always loved studying but recently it felt so static: I was searching for something stimulating. Being part of a student association such as IAPSS Forlì allows me to share ideas, deepen debates, confront each other and grow every day a bit more thanks to the feedbacks I receive. During my European Voluntary Service experience in Brussels, Belgium, I learnt that political issues are dealt with depending on the pair of lenses you use to read them, yet these glasses cannot be the outcome of a narrow-minded background. Therefore, I need to test myself and to keep looking for the different perspective. This association represents a fantastic opportunity for me to mature both as a student and as a person, and I expect to profit from it as much as I can.


2013 — April 2015

My name100_2437 is Ester Sabatino, I am 23 years  old  and  I have the pleasure to be the President of IAPSS Forlì.
For the time being I am attending the first year of the Master of Art in International  and  Diplomatic Affairs  at  the  Alma  Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna – Forlì campus.

I graduated in International Relations at the University of Roma Tre with a dissertation  about  the  economic  impact  political refugees  have on  host  communities,  starting  by  managing costs  at  national and  international level to social implications, focusing on the Kenya-Somalia case. I am interested in human rights, humanitarian aids, conflicts and the political and the  economic processes leading East  European  countries, as  well  as  Middle  Eastern countries to comply or not with a regional/ international system or organization.  I talk fluent  English and German and have  intermediate  skills  in French. During my Erasmus programme in Germany, I decided to  start taking  part in  MUNs, international  conferences  and  other role playing simulations.  I  first  knew  about  IAPSS  last  year,  thanks  to  the  IAPSS  Roma  Tre  Association. I believe that such associations  enable students to broaden their horizons by thinking  out of  the  box through an active  participation  in the multiple academic  activities  promoted and through the creation of fora for discussions.It is for these reasons then that I came to the  decision  to get involved  into IAPSS Forlì  and I am sure,  together we can all profit a lot from the association.


11116205_10206479092564074_1840060186_nApril 2015 — May 2015

My name is Claudio Lanza, I am 24 years old and I am the Editorial Director of the IAPSS’ “Rubrica”. I am currently attending the second year of the Master in International and Diplomatic Studies at the Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna – Forlì Campus.
My academic background is in Political Science and International Relations. I attended my first cycle of study in Naples at the faculty of Political Science of the Federico II. I am interested in international economy, international politics, political psychology, anthropology, and (last but not least) peace and war studies. My first dissertation was focused on the geopolitical, economic, and diplomatic relations between Italy and Israel, Palestinian Territories and Tunisia. My aim was twofold: to highlight new political as well as economic interests in the MENA region after the breakout of the Arabs Spring Revolutions, focusing on the Tunisia case study; analyzing the possibility to gain, through the Italian economic diplomacy, greater international power, playing a renovated (stronger) role in the Arab-Israeli (conflictual) relations.
During my first cycle of study, I also participated to several Model United Nations around the world, starting from Rome to Leuven, passing from Seoul to New York. Thanks to those experiences, I have gained a better understanding on how much is tough as well as stimulating the diplomatic job. They have been the most exciting and interesting experiences that I have ever had until my last experience abroad: 4 months spent in Troms, Norway for an Autumn semester at the Center for Peace Studies of the Troms Arctic University.
I strongly believe that a simple classic academic background is not enough anymore to obtain all the necessary skills that the international organizations (and not only) require nowadays. Team-working, leadership, publications, internship experience represent few of those skills crucial to achieve our professional desires and goals. That is why I joined IAPSS Forlì. A place where it is possible to better trainee our skills, enjoying our time with people who share our passion for political science issues.


MarcoMy name is Marco Castellani and I hold the job of Secretary General of Iapss Forlì.

I  am  attending  the  first  year  of  the  Master  of  Arts  in International and Diplomatic Affairs at University of Bologna, Campus  of Forlì. I graduated  at  the  same Faculty in 2013 with a paper about the  structural  and short-term causes of young   unemployment   in  Italy  during   the  2008-lasting economic  crisis.  I  am   interested  in  conflict  and  military strategy   studies,  and   in  international   political-economic themes, with particular regard to those dealing with security questions.I speak English and French, while I have sufficient skills in German. I have  just  begun  learning  Russian language. I was told about Iapss  by collegues  at University, who showed me the various opportunities it offers, such as the publication of personal works and  the participation in conferences and workshops all over the world.


ImmagineMy name is Alessio Agostinis, I am 22 years old and I am the Assembly’s Director of IAPSS Forlì.
I  am  attending  the  first  year  of   the  Master  of  Art  in International  and  Diplomatic Affairs  at  the  Alma  Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna – Forlì campus.
I graduated in Political Sciences and International Relations at the Sapienza University of Rome, presenting a  dissertation  about  the peculiarity of bicameralism and political   system   in  the   Yugoslavian   area,  especially Slovenia. I’m interested in the political systems in the new democracies  of  Eastern   Europe,   especially   judiciary systems,  in   democratic   transitions,  secessionist  and autonomist movements in Western Europe, human rights and  environmental  challenges.  I  speak  fluent English, I have  good  skills  in  German and I speak a little Spanish. I’m studying Russian and I would really like to study Dutch.
I joined  IAPSS  Forlì because  I am  interested  in sharing knowledge and experiences with colleagues  from  all  over  the world and, of  course,  from  my home university. I think it is a really good way  to “go international” –  especially  if you are studying International Affairs.


sara Hi everybody, my  name  is Sara  Pedrolli, I am 25 years old and  I am  a member  of  the  executive  committee of IAPSS Forlì. I graduated  with a  degree  in International  Relations at the  Faculty  of  Political Science of  Macerata  with  a  thesis about the Brazil’s regional policy. This is my first time in Forlì since  I’m  attending  the  first  year  of  the  Master  of  Art  in International  and  Diplomatic  Affairs  at  the  Alma  Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna – Forlì campus.

It’s a pleasure for me to be a member of IAPSS Forlì because I think it could be a great opportunity to meet young people with common interest, present and share our ideas and acquire new knowledge in the field of political science. Thanks to this association I can improve  my educational path  and at the same  time share beautiful experiences with my university’s colleagues.